Short Film

Synopsis :

Six o’clock in the morning and Rafa finds out his mother in under arrest.
On a friend’s bike he crosses the bridge and goes to a police station in downtown Lisbon to see her and wait for her release.
Time goes by. But Rafa doesn’t want to return home alone.


Director : João Salaviza
Producer : Maria João Mayer / François d’Artemare


Credits :

Director and screenwriter: João Salaviza
Cinematographer : Vasco Viana
Art Director : Nádia Henriques
Editing : Rodolphe Molla, João Salaviza
Sound : Olivier Blanc
Producers : Maria João Mayer, François d’Artemare
Production : Filmes do Tejo II | Les Films de l’Aprés-Midi

Awards :

Golden Bear Shorts Berlinale 2012
The Uppsala Award in Memory of Ingmar Bergman 2012
The Small Camera Manaki Brothers Film Festival 2012
Best Foreigner Short Film FIC Luanda 2012
Best Sound Janela Int. Cinema do Recife 2012