Feature Film

Synopsis :

A hot summer in Lisbon. David, 14, waits the imminent death of this grandfather but refuses to visit him, fearing this terrible loss. His mother, Mónica, spends her nights at the hospital. The void already left by His grandfather forces David to become the man of the house. He doesn’t feel ready to assume this new role, but without realizing it: the more David tries to avoid adulthood, the more he gets closer to it…


Director : João Salaviza
Producer : Maria João Mayer / François d’Artemare


Credits :

Director and screenwriter : João Salaviza
Cinematographer : Vasco Viana
Art Director : Nádia Henriques
Editing : Edgar Feldman, João Salaviza
Sound : Olivier Blanc
Producers : Maria João Mayer, François d’Artemare
Production : Filmes do Tejo II |Les Films de l’Après-Midi

Awards :

Manaki Brothers Intl Film Festival Macedónia 2015