Cerro Negro

Short Film

Synopsis :

Anajara and Allison are a couple of Brazilian immigrants in Lisbon. Two people alone trying to look out for one another as they struggle to cope with their enforced separation.
Anajara returns home at Dawn from her nightshift. This time she won’t be able to sleep during the day, nor take Iuri to school. Seventy miles away, Allison waits to be reunited with his wife and child. It’s visiting day at the Santarém penitentiary.
Cerro Negro adopts the structure of a diptych to show two sides of a universal story.


Director : João Salaviza
Producer : Maria João Mayer / François d’Artemare


Credits :

Director and screenwriter: João Salaviza
Cinematographer : Vasco Viana
Art Director : Nádia Henriques
Editing : João Salaviza, Edgar Feldman
Sound : Raquel Jacinto
Producers : Maria João Mayer
Production : Filmes do Tejo II

Awards :

Best Portuguese Shorts Director Indie Lisboa 2012
Best National Short Panazorean Int. FF 2013