Atrás das Nuvens

Feature Film

Synopsis :

Paulo is a 12 year old boy who lives in Lisbon with his mother.
One day, he finds a bundle of photographs, which include pictures of the grandfather he’s never met. He makes up his mind to go and look for him, even if he has to deceive his mother to do so. With one of the pictures as his guide he goes to the Alentejo and there, at last, meets his grandfather Miguel, an eccentric and solitary man. Together, they set off in an old car, which only their imagination is able to start, on a fantastic journey to unlock the family’s secrets and sorrows… It’s a film about redemption and family ties; a film for all ages able to dream.


Director : Jorge Queiroga
Producer : Maria João Mayer / François d’Artemare


Credits :

Director : Jorge Queiroga
Screenwriter : Jennifer Field
Cinematographer : Amilcar Carrajola
Art Director : João Martins
Editing : João Braz
Sound : Francisco Veloso
Producers : Maria João Mayer, François d’Artemare
Production : Filmes do Tejo II

Awards :

Best Feature Film Caminhos Cinema Português 2007
Best Film (BCP) Toronto Int. Portuguese FF 2007
Best Film and Prize CIFEJ Lucas 2007 Frankfurt Int. Kinder FF
Prize Danube Int. Festival of Television Programs for Children & Youth 2007