Short Film

Synopsis :

Mauro is under house arrest.
Tattooing helps him while away the time.
Three local kids taunt him through his window.
Outside, the midday sun beats down.


Director : João Salaviza
Producer : Maria João Mayer / François d’Artemare


Credits :

Director and screenwriter: João Salaviza
Cinematographer : Vasco Viana
Art Director : Nádia Henriques
Editing : João Salaviza
Sound : Inês Clemente
Producers : Maria João Mayer, François d’Artemare
Production : Filmes do Tejo II

Awards :

Best Portuguese Short Film Indie Lisboa 2009
Palme d’Or Short Film Cannes 2009
Best Film and Best Fiction Faial 2009
Best Short Film Fest. Int. Cinema de Luanda 2009